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Horasan Plus

Horasan Plus; It is a composite insulation plaster made of natural minerals that provides heat, water and sound insulation at the same time in buildings, especially where photo catalytic insulation is required. Horasan Plus, which is completely made of natural metals, does not contain carcinogenic substances, so it gives confidence to people and nature. Horasanplus, which has the ability to breathe thanks to its porous structure and special formula, prevents moisture, mold, fungus etc. prevents formation. It offers a healthy and natural life. Horasan Plus increases the earthquake resistance of your building thanks to its very light structure.


Horasan Plus

Horasanplus interior composite insulation mortar consists of natural materials that are applied on aerated concrete, brick, pumice and gross concrete surfaces, especially where photocatalytic insulation is required, providing adhesion and easy application, does not contain chemicals, does not harm human and environment. It is an ecological and antibacterial composite insulation mortar that provides sound and heat insulation, reinforced with natural minerals and prevents moisture.

Alum Floor Coating

Horasan Plus Inorganic Alum

HORASANPLUS INORGANIC SCREED is a silicon-based composite floor insulation mortar. Closed-pore natural
heat, sound and fire alone developed for use on the floors of buildings.
breathable due to the properties of minerals that we use in our products.
is a composite mortar. It is presented in powder and craft bags, it is used by adding water.


Horasan Plus Inorganic Terrace

HORASANPLUS İNORGANİC TERAS is a silicon based composite walkable floor mortar. Closed-pore natural
heat, sound alone developed for use in areas with little walking, especially in buildings, terraces etc.
and fire insulation at the same time and due to the minerals that we use in our products.
It is a composite mortar. It is presented in powder and craft bags, it is used by adding water.



Cement-based, one-component, crystallized waterproofing mortar that is resistant to negative and positive water pressure, can be transferred to the capillary cavities of cement-based surfaces.

Thermal Insulation


MINERMANTO; cement-based, natural minerals supported surfaces containing polymer (gas concrete, bims, exposed concrete, glass, gypsum board, PVC, cement board, plaster, oily painted surfaces, steel construction, galvanized metal surfaces, old buildings and tile surfaces, etc.) with a steel trowel. It is a very strong adherence enhancing putty that is applied in a thickness of 3-4 mm, then combed parallel to the floor with a notched trowel and made it suitable for HORASAN PLUS thermal insulation plaster.

Thermal Insulation


MINERDECO: It is used as the last layer coating material on all exterior thermal insulation systems. Grain Textured Plaster is a mineral coating consisting of 98% inorganic materials developed as a surface coating material on the exterior of buildings, with a mineral patterned texture, water-resistant and frost-resistant, resistant to UV rays, high adhesion strength, elastic and breathable. Since it contains crystallized minerals in its structure, it has a feature of reflecting sunlight.