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Horasan Plus

Horasan Plus; It is a composite insulation plaster made of natural minerals that provides thermal, water and sound insulation at the same time in buildings, especially where photo catalytic insulation is required. Horasan Plus, which is completely made of natural metals, does not contain carcinogenic substances, so it gives confidence to people and nature. Horasanplus, which has the ability to breathe thanks to its porous structure and special formula, prevents moisture, mold, fungus etc. prevents formation. It offers a healthy and natural life. Horasan Plus increases the earthquake resistance of your building thanks to its very light structure.


Horasan Plus; It can be used safely in the restoration of brick, gas concrete, bims, briquette, gross concrete, reinforced concrete plasterboard, betopan, cement board, old buildings and historical buildings.


It should be used with floor reinforcement paste on metal, wood, wood, tile, oil paint, steel construction surfaces. Betopan, plasterboard, siding etc. It should be applied on mesh or rabitz wire on ready surfaces. On exposed concrete surfaces, it should be applied on exposed concrete primer or ground reinforcement paste. No direct application is made on old painted surfaces, ready-colored plaster, exterior coating (sheathing) surfaces. It is not applied on unstable, constantly exposed to moisture and asbestos cement surfaces.


It should be between + 5 ° C and +35 ° C. Avoid application in strong wind or excessively sunny conditions. It is not applied on surfaces that are frozen, melting or under the risk of frost within 24 hours.


The surface to be applied, oil, dust, removed paint, dirt, etc. should be cleaned from materials. Holes, cracks, etc. formed on the surface. Any damage should be covered with Horasan Plus repair pilgrim. Pre-sprinkling is recommended before application on aerated concrete and exposed concrete surfaces. Primer or floor reinforcement paste should be used on gross concrete surfaces with very smooth surfaces. In extremely sunny weather, the surface should be cooled with water.


It is prepared by adding an average of 10-12 liters of water to 8 Kg of Horasan Plus insulation mortar. Add 1/2 of the water to be added to the bottom of the mixing bowl and pour 1 package of Horasan Plus insulation mortar on it. The rest of the water is added to the mixing vessel. The mortar is brought to the application consistency by mixing for a minimum of 1-2 minutes with the help of a mixing mixer. The thickness of the application is determined on the previously prepared surface and anos are placed. The mortar, which is brought to the application consistency, is applied 2-5 centimeters in a single layer between 2 plasterboards and leveling process is performed. The application between 2 slabs should be done by applying the trowel back method firmly. After a minimum of 2 days of setting, decorative protective paste with a maximum thickness of 2 mm is applied. Note: The specified times are valid for the surface and ambient temperature of + 20 ° C and the time is longer at low temperature and shortened at high temperature. The product; Minersan Mineral A.Ş. is not responsible for any mistake that may occur when it is misused or the application conditions stated above are not followed.


No additional material should be added while preparing the Horasan Plus mortar. Expired mortars should not be mixed and used with new mortars. Avoid application in extremely hot and cold weather. Care should be taken when applying between + 5 ° C and +35 ° C. The application should not be done on days with excessive wind. For the durability of the product, it should be slightly moistened for 4 days. It is recommended to use mesh or rabitz wire in moving places or places with different materials. On exposed concrete and very smooth surfaces, it should be applied on primer or ground reinforcement paste. Minersan Mineral A.Ş. is not responsible for any errors that occur when any application other than the conditions stated above.


8-10 Kg / m² for 3 cm plaster thickness.
1 year from the date of production in a dry and dry environment in its original package.


Store in its original packaging by stacking maximum 12 layers. Consume within 7 days after the bag is opened.


Do not breathe during the mixture. Skin and eye contact should be avoided. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Always wear gloves during use, use a mask while mixing.


– It is an extremely easy-to-apply product that can provide heat, sound, water and fire insulation on exterior walls with a single product.
– If applied correctly, it can provide significant savings in heating and cooling costs.
– It can be used very easily with all wall knitting elements.
– It has A 1 class incombustibility.
– When used with hydrophobic paste, it will protect from rain etc. thanks to its water impermeability. It protects your building from water leaks.
– Breathes, prevents perspiration, mold, moisture and odor formation
– It is light, it saves from dead loads in the structures.
– Does not contain any harmful chemicals
– All minerals used in its production are natural and environmentally friendly.