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Mantofix-Gold; Cement-based, polymer-added, high-performance, high-performance adhesive mortar used for bonding thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, rock wool, etc.) to surfaces such as concrete, brick, aerated concrete.


Housing, shopping malls and hospitals
• In horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
• On all kinds of mineral surfaces
• Used to adhere the thermal insulation board on exposed concrete, brick, aerated concrete, indoors and outdoors.
• Can be used as general adhesive in applications other than sheathing


The surface should be smooth, clean, dry, matte to allow adhesion, strong and self-supporting. The application of Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive should be started at least 4 weeks after the lower plaster layer or rough plaster is applied. Especially absorbent surfaces such as aerated concrete should be moistened during application. On old painted surfaces, swollen and flaking parts should be scraped off, and the cracks on the facade should be repaired with repair mortars. In addition, the old painted surfaces should be notched to make them suitable for adhesion.


Heat Insulation Board Adhesive is added slowly into clean and cold water and mixed with a low speed mixer for about 10 minutes until the mixture becomes lump-free. The required amount of water should be adjusted according to the weather conditions. The mixed mortar is rested for 5 minutes and mixed again. If necessary, the consistency of the mixture is adjusted by adding water. The prepared mixture should be consumed within 2 hours depending on the weather conditions. It should not be used by adding water to the hardened material.


For the necessary sub-floor prepared surfaces, 3 pieces of Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive is applied point by point in trowel sizes as 4-5 cm strips to form a frame on the edges of the insulation board and at equal distances to the middle part. It can also be combed with a 10×10 notched steel trowel on smooth surfaces. If the plate is rock wool, the plate is primed by applying a thin layer of adhesive to the edges and heap points of the plate. After this process, standard adhesive application is made. Adhesive should not be applied to the side surfaces of the sheets. The thickness of the adhesive to be applied should be adjusted according to the smoothness of the substrate. The plate prepared in this way is placed on the surface to be adhered with a slight pressure from bottom to top, at the bottom to the subbasement profile and is lined up to touch each other. The joints of the insulation boards should not overlap, the boards should be placed staggered. Bonding is done by pressing thoroughly with the help of a gauge so that a smooth surface is formed. Maximum care should be taken not to leave any gaps between the plates, but if there is a gap, these gaps must be closed with the material of appropriate thickness to be cut from the same plate. Ambient temperature and surface temperature should be between +5 ° C and +35 ° C during application or drying. It should not be applied in places exposed to direct sunlight, rain and strong wind. The product must be protected from frost until it sets.


Special precautions should be taken in applications on glass mosaic, ceramic, painted, old and dusty surfaces; Bright surfaces such as glass mosaic and ceramics should be primed with a primer. Painted old surfaces should be scored or primed.
In the ambient conditions that will remain below + 5 ° C, it must be protected, covered with nylon or exposed to frost by laying thermal insulation plates.
It must be protected at temperatures above +35 ° C, it must be covered with nylon or the product must be prevented from being exposed to sudden water loss by laying thermal insulation plates.
After the board is adhered to the surface, the dowel works can be started within 24-48 hours depending on the air temperature.
After the application, it should be protected against adverse weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong wind, high air temperature (above + 35 ° C), rain and frost. Hands should be cleaned with water and detergent before the product is fully cured and hardened.


25 kg of Thermal Insulation Board Adhesive is mixed with 5-6 liters of water depending on the weather conditions.


The boards are plugged at least 24 hours after they are bonded and the top layer application is started. Complete drying time is 2-3 days. Since drying occurs physically with the evaporation of water, the drying time extends at low temperature and high humidity.


For polystyrene sheet: 4,0 – 4,5 kg / m2

For rock wool board: 5,5 – 6,5 kg / m2

It should be noted that the specified consumption amounts may vary depending on the surface and application conditions. A controlled sample should be made for exact consumption.


25 Kg Kraft Bag


Can be stored for 12 months in its unopened package in a dry condition and protected from moisture.


As with all chemical products, contact with food products, skin, eyes and mouth should be avoided during use and storage. During the application, work clothes, protective gloves, goggles and masks in accordance with work and worker health rules should be used. If swallowed by accident, consult a doctor. In contact with skin, wash with plenty of water your skate. It should be stored in places out of the reach of children.