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HORASAN PLUS natural heat insulation plaster can be applied on painted surfaces. If there are deformations and spills on the application area, the application should be started after the scraped surface is cleaned.

HORASAN PLUS is a product with TSE, CE, ISO Certificates approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, pos no. Y.27.567 / 014. It is a product that does not lack official documents, which can obtain EKB (Energy Identity Certificate) from the insulation part in old buildings that cause housing in new buildings.

Horasan Plus Natural Thermal Insulation Plaster does not crack and spill because it is enriched with modified fibers and natural minerals.

Since it is obtained from inorganic origin mines, its life is equal to the life of the building.

It is applied between 5 ° and 30 °. The point to be considered is that the weather is not rainy during and after the application.

There is no problem in applying from the inside. If it will be applied on a satin surface, notching should be done. It also makes a good sound insulation in the house.

Although the thickness values vary according to the regions, the min. It should be applied in 2cm thickness.

Horasan Plus Natural Thermal Insulation Alum is used on closed and open roofs. If the roof is closed, no separate application is made, but if the roof is open, it should be covered with our waterproofing material. Then ceramic etc. It can be closed with building materials.

Our Horasan Plus Natural Thermal Insulation Plaster can withstand the temperature of 1300 ° C for 1 hour without reacting, and after 2 hours it starts to destroy itself. can withstand temperature for only 2 minutes)

Horasan Plus Natural Thermal Insulation Plaster can be applied with peace of mind under parquet and ceramics for heat and sound insulation.