Quality Perspective for All Your Projects


Our Mission

Adopting quality as a way of life, Minersan Mineral, preserving integrity and trust as its most important values, has succeeded in making its name known to the sector with its sectoral activities carried out by commitment and its insulation products with its management approach of “respect for human” since its establishment.

in terms of creating lasting works by creating differences in the positions he held, while maintaining our standing as a business carrying out activities with outstanding success in our country for contemporary and modern Turkey we are increasing continuously contribute to our economy,

Construction industry in productivity, quality, and employee safety issues are among the most reliable companies in Turkey that sets the standard target and we continue our work with the awareness that, today, we are shaping our future. We open the door to a healthy and reliable life for our customers, who are our reason for existence,

Our Vision

To manage values ​​in the “best” way with our corporate structure, customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential, which is based on creating value by meeting the expectations of our customers with a stable quality understanding.
Always providing high quality by using the latest technological opportunities in engineering and management sciences, MİNERSAN MINERAL standards are based on internationally accepted quality standards.

MİNERSAN MINERAL produces products suitable for developing construction technologies. It aims to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront and to continue to respect people, nature, environment and society, based on the understanding of perfection, and to combine high quality building understanding with perfect infrastructure systems.

If you MINOR positioning as part of its social responsibility to fulfill the corporate culture against and for future generations today MINERAL, planning studies, continuity principle to keep in the forefront, the formation of sustainable projects of social responsibility, Turkey and believes that it is important in terms of the benefits to be provided to the world.

It bases this principle in its works and focuses on sustainable environment in its social projects. Our mission is to be a leading construction company in the construction sector by acting with the awareness of environmental protection and spreading this awareness with exemplary projects.

We practice all over the world produce in Turkey