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Horasan Plus

The new face of insulation
Horasan Plus Thermal Insulation Plaster

Turkey 's We serve

In the field of construction chemicals and insulation materials, it offers a product that can be defined specially, apart from all the products known to this day. Having ISO 9001: 2008, TSE and CE certificates, Minersan Mineral A.Ş. As a result of 4 years of R&D history, it has written its name in the sector with its new generation thermal insulation. Minersan Mineral A.Ş. has 2200 m² closed and 7500 m² open area. It manufactures in our city of Amasya with its own quality assurance.

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Horasan Plus; Consists of natural minerals that provide thermal, water and sound insulation at the same time in buildings, especially where…

MINERDECO: It is used as the last layer coating material on all exterior thermal insulation systems. Grain Textured …

Cement-based, polymer-added, high-performance, thermal insulation boards (EPS, XPS, rock wool, etc.) on surfaces such as concrete,…

Seraffics – Bond is a cement-based powder mortar used for bonding tiles and ceramics with reduced slip.

Used for plastering on polystyrene-based insulation boards, showing high strength, high adherence, fiber reinforced …

Cement based, resistant to negative and positive water pressure, single component, which can be transferred to the capillary cavities of cement based surfaces …

MINERMANTO; cement-based, containing polymer in its structure supported with natural minerals (gas concrete, pumice concrete, glass …

Horasanplus interior composite insulation mortar is used in buildings, especially where photocatalytic insulation is required, aerated concrete, brick, pumice, …

HORASANPLUS İNORGANİC TERAS is a silicon based composite walkable floor mortar. Natural minerals with closed pores, especially buildings …

HORASANPLUS INORGANIC SCREED is a silicon-based composite floor insulation mortar. It is made of natural minerals with closed pores, especially for floors of buildings.